The European Union as international mediator: theoretical and empirical perspectives

Niemann, Arne / Julian Bergmann / Toni Haastrup / Richard Whitman (eds.)
Buchveröffentlichungen (2018)

International negotiation (Special Issue 23 (2))


This special issue seeks to improve our understanding of EU mediation, both empirically and conceptually. In empirical terms, the articles in this special issue map the field of EU mediation practice and provide a nuanced and empirically rich knowledge about EU mediation and mediation support in various conflict regions. In conceptual terms, they seek to identify and discuss suitable theoretical approaches and conceptual tools to analyze EU mediation practice and bridge the divide between conflict and EU foreign policy studies. Thus, this collection addresses a significant research gap in the academic literature on international mediation and aims to contribute to more systematic research into this field of EU foreign policy.

Über den Autor

Bergmann, Julian



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