Integrated water resources management under different hydrological, climatic and socio-economic conditions: results and lessons learned from a transdisciplinary IWRM project IWAS

Seegert, Jörg / Thomas Berendonk / Christian Bernhofer / Frank Blumensaat / Ines Dombrowsky / Christoph Fuehner / Jens Grundmann / Nina Hagemann / Thomas Kalbacher / Frank-Dieter Kopinke / Rudolf Liedl / Marco Leidel / Carsten Lorz / Frank Makeschin / Dar
External Publications (2014)

published on Environmental Earth Sciences 19 November 2014, 4677–4687 DOI 10.1007/s12665-014-3877-2


The International Water Research Alliance Saxony (IWAS) is addressing the global challenges concerning water quality in the areas of drinking water and sanitation, agricultural irrigation and the quality of surface and ground waters, as well as developing specific ecosystem- relevant services to be implemented on an exemplary basis in selected model regions. Locations (model regions) have been selected in Eastern Europe (R1), Central and Southeast Asia (R2 and R3), the Middle East (R4) and Latin America (R5) that are representative international regions with respect to climate, land use and demographic change. The causes of water problems and the relevant boundary conditions vary from region to region. This thematic issue compiles the most important scientific results of the second phase of the IWAS project. Main results: The IWAS project is structured by the model regions (R) as well as by crosscutting activities scenario analysis (Q1), technology development (Q2), governance (Q3) and capacity development (Q4).

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