Shared understanding and beyond: toward a framework for data protection and cross-border data flows

Srinivas, Krishna Ravi / Ingrid Schneider / Wulf Reiners
External Publications (2022)

in: T20 Indonesia, Task Force Meaningful Digital Connectivity, Cyber Security, Empowerment, Policy Brief

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Lack of global consensus on data governance is emerging as a major issue in, amongst other things, trade regimes, use of data for development, and regulation of data flows. Convergence or divergence in norms in these areas will determine whether or not any emerging regime complex will be global or fragmented, whether it will enable the potentials of cross-border flow of data to materialize or will suffer from a lack of interoperability. This Policy Brief suggests that the G20 simultaneously underscores the importance of harmonization and strives for consensus on core principles in governing data protection and data flow, and that it also uses competition policy principles to safeguard public interest. While the challenge before the G20 is enormous, it is also an opportunity to provide leadership and shape a global consensus on data governance.

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