Social cohesion in times of forced displacement: the perspective of youth in Jordan

Kuhnt, Jana / Ramona Rischke / Anda David / Tobias Lechtenfeld
External Publications (2019)

in: Zeitschrift für Flucht- und Flüchtlingsforschung 3 (2), 320-342


This article explores perceptions of social cohesion among youth living in Jordan(age 18–35) as well as changing perceptions in times where the country hostedlarge and growing numbers of Syrian refugees. Using novel data from an onlinesurvey, the article presents evidence of a modest decrease in overall social cohe‐sion in Jordan. Young people want to be actors of change and have a clear desirefor more civic participation. The results point to opportunities for strengtheningsocial cohesion between host and refugee youth and barriers that youth face toparticipate in society more actively.

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Kuhnt, Jana

Development Economist


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