Frameworks for biodiversity and forests

Merino, Leticia / Esther Mwangi / Georgina M. Mace / Ina Lehmann / Peter Minang / Unai Pascual / Kent H. Redford / Victoria Reyes-García
Externe Publikationen (2018)

in: Sharachchandra Lele / Eduardo S. Brondizio / John Byrne / Georgina M. Mace / Joan Martinez-Alier (eds.): Rethinking environmentalism: linking justice, sustainability, and diversity, Cambridge, MA: MIT Pr., 57-81

ISBN: 978-0-262-03896-6

This work reviews diverse definitions of biodiversity and forests used in different discourses as well as the most common conceptual frameworks that influence the understanding of the dynamics of forests and biodiversity. It presents the ways in which different frameworks (conservation biology, ecological economics, environmental policy, and collective action-institutional analysis theory) address issues of sustainability, diversity, and justice, themes commonly used as analytical dimensions and evaluative criteria of policies and programs aiming to avoid and/or revert socioenvironmental deterioration. It reflects on how these frameworks are driven by differences in normative and theoretical positions, and how these positions influence actions and outcomes. Examples are presented of programs that have conservation and sustainability goals in forest and other high-diversity systems. These cases illustrate how diverse framings and values approach issues of justice and governance and influence conservation and sustainable management programs.

To minimize conflicts and achieve more balanced actions and outcomes, it finds that value systems present in discourses and policies be recognized and that dialogue among them be enhanced. This is important not only for interdisciplinary work, but for dialogues aimed at integrating the questions, concerns, and tools of different frameworks to construct more holistic, inclusive, and effective approaches to socioecological realities.


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Lehmann, Ina



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