Academic policy advice

The Institute was established to conduct research closely integrated with policy advice work and training activities. Our advisory work is based on independent, empirical scientific research. Whether carrying out research or providing policy advice, we are increasingly working in global contexts, with our researchers collaborating in worldwide networks to develop policy recommendations.

The Institute tackles issues of sustainable development and international cooperation, and offers its advisory expertise at German, European and international level. We do so by addressing global trends at an early stage in our research and using the findings to derive options for action for a range of actors; pooling global discourses in the field of international policy/cooperation and sustainable development, and subsequently devising policy-related strategies; and getting involved in debates in order to state our position on relevant transnational and global issues and highlight potential solutions.

The Institute believes that good policy advice should be politically independent and based on sound research. We seek to make a difference with our advisory work by providing input in political decision-making processes and contributing to agenda setting. Based on this understanding of our role, we advise decision-makers on how best to organise global policy and cooperation and offer suggestions for the long-term strategic development of their work.

Target groups

Formats of advisory work