MGG Academy

“The Managing Global Governance (MGG) Academy brings together young professionals from government institutions, think tanks and research institutions, civil society and the private sector in rising powers (Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa) and Europe. The main objective of the training and dialogue format is to support and prepare future change-makers for a professional and personal life dedicated to sustainable development at home and in the world. Building trust, exchanging perspectives, competence development and networking belong to the core assets of the Academy.

The MGG Academy is based on the premise that profound knowledge, leadership qualities as well as visionary action are of core importance for transformative change. The three-month course thus blends academic modules, modules on leadership development and applied project work.

Learning, dialogue and project development are supported by interactive working methods, participatory approaches, peer coaching and personal reflection. At the core of the MGG Academy, participants focus on the opportunities and challenges of global cooperation and transformation to sustainability in times of disruptive crisis.

After two digital academies during the COVID pandemic, the MGG Academy has returned back to an in presence format at IDOS in Bonn.


The MGG Academy 2024 takes place from 24 August until 24 November 2024.

Setup and contents of the MGG Academy

The MGG Academy consists of a knowledge component, a leadership component, and an action component.

Participants of the MGG Academy

The MGG Academy 2024 takes place from 24 August - 24 November 2024.
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MGG Academy Application and Requirements

The MGG Academy is geared towards highly-qualified young professionals. Prospective participants should meet the following requirements:


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