Prevention of Corruption

Corruption erodes decision-making structures, encourages interest-driven behaviour beyond the institutional mandate of an institution, thus weakening the performance and quality of the products produced and damaging the reputation of each affected institution. Corruption inevitably leads to a loss of trust both among its own staff, partners and the public.

The IDOS team - its management levels as well as the entire staff - thus take up the challenge to protect themselves against corruption with all means at their disposal and to raise the staff’s awareness for this issue accordingly.

Against this background, IDOS has appointed a contact person who is in charge of the consistent implementation of the " Federal Government Directive Concerning the Prevention of Corruption in the Federal Administration" of 30 July 2004 and is available to employees for advice and information on the topic of corruption prevention. In addition to employees, citizens can also contact the anti-corruption commissioner with questions or information on possible suspicions of corruption.