In the lead or in cooperation with key partner organisations we held numerous scientific and policy conferences and workshops every year. Events cover all topics of development policy and bring together researchers and practitioners of development cooperation to discuss and work out common solutions to global problems. In addition, our experts give (key) notes at national and international workshops and conferences on a regular base and participate in meetings with ministries and implementing agencies.

By organising and participating in events on current issues of development policy, the institute emphasises its core expertise in policy advice.

Upcoming Events

Past events 2023

    The 2nd Annual Conference on Global Climate Governance in the Face of Obstruction (31 May – 2 June 2023), organized by the Climate Social... Read more

    Virtual Panel Session
    Funding “Loss and Damage”
    Online, 31.05.2023

    This September, United Nations (UN) member states will come together in New York for the SDG Summit and the Ministerial Meeting on the 2024... Read more

    Virtual Event
    UN Global Digital Compact
    Online, 24.05.2023

    Welcome note& introduction by the co-hostsDr. Steffen Bauer, IDOS Mathias Boehning, WEASC  „Tour de table“ with introductions “If you think... Read more

    Bonn Climate Group Meeting
    Regrouping back better
    Bonn, 17.05.2023

    This September, United Nations (UN) member states will come together in New York for the SDG Summit and the Ministerial Meeting on the 2024... Read more

    Virtual Event
    HLAB Report and GSDR
    Online, 03.05.2023

    The German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) funds transdisciplinary research on sustainable land management in order to... Read more

    Status Seminar
    Bonn, 26.04.2023 until 28.04.2023

    Deutschland und Europa verfolgen sehr ehrgeizige Strategien für den Einsatz von Wasserstoff zur Dekarbonisierung von Teilen ihrer... Read more

    Hydrogen in Brazil
    Bonn, 25.04.2023

    The concept and mainstream approaches of development cooperation have been criticised since the early beginning of their existence.... Read more

    Virtual expert discussion
    Online (Zoom), 17.04.2023

    22nd of March is World Water Day, and this year global attention to our important but yet seriously threatened water resources is higher... Read more

    UN 2023 Water Conference
    New York, 22.03.2023 until 24.03.2023

    Von den Ressourcen der Meere, einer gesunden Meeresumwelt, einer sicheren Schifffahrt sowie gesicherten Küsten als Siedlungsraum sind... Read more

    Oceans, Poles, North and South
    Bonn, 23.02.2023 until 24.02.2023

Past events 2022

    The Managing Global Governance (MGG) Programme turned 15 in 2022. In the three-day online conference “Celebrating 15 years of MGG” from 23... Read more

    MGG Conference
    15 Years Managing Global Governance
    Online, 23.11.2022 until 25.11.2022

    Unter der Schirmherrschaft von Oliver Krischer, Minister für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Verkehr des Landes NRW, fand am Montag, 21. November... Read more

    50 Jahre „Limits to Growth"
    German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS), Bonn, 21.11.2022

    Social cohesion (SoCo) is increasingly recognised as an important condition for the resilience of societies and the wellbeing of its... Read more

    Social cohesion in context
    Bonn, 15.11.2022 until 16.11.2022

    At the Conference of the Parties to the 27th Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate... Read more

    UN Climate Change Conference
    Sharm El-Sheikh, 06.11.2022 until 18.11.2022

    The workshop took place to bring together network members of the German Institute of Development and Sustainability’s (IDOS) ‘Managing... Read more

    MGG Meeting
    VSS on Crossroads
    Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies – House De Dorlodot – Ch. Deberiotstraat 34, Leuven, Belgium, 25.10.2022 until 26.10.2022

    The Earth System Governance Project is a longstanding global research alliance that seeks to mobilise research at the interface of global... Read more

    Earth System Governance
    Toronto, 20.10.2022 until 24.10.2022

    The creation and development of the G20 was envisioned to address global problems more effectively and overcome blockages in global... Read more

    T20 Summit Side Event
    Utopias of Global Cooperation
    Kuta Selatan, 04.09.2022

    As the Sustainable Development Goals move steadily towards the year 2030, Indonesia has another plan in fruition: the development of the new... Read more

    MGG Conference
    Building from Scratch
    Jakarta, 02.09.2022

    While there is substantial evidence of the effect of social protection on poverty, inequality and vulnerability, limited research has... Read more

    Virtual panel discussion and publication launch
    Social protection and social cohesion
    Online, 15.06.2022

    The Think7 Summit is organised by the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) and the Global... Read more

    Think7 Summit 2022
    Berlin / Online, 23.05.2022 until 24.05.2022

    Seit gut 2 Jahren ringt die Weltgemeinschaft mit den Ursachen und Folgen der Covid-19-Pandemie. Die sozialen, ökonomischen und politischen... Read more

    Virtual Event
    Globale Gesundheitsvorsorge
    Online, 09.05.2022

    Discourse Studies have an important record of analysing all types of open and subtle discrimination in and through discourses. Racism in all... Read more

    Decolonising Discourse Studies
    Hybrid (Online and Augsburg University), 21.04.2022 until 23.04.2022

    This year's theme for World Water Day is “Groundwater - making the invisible visible”. Although not directly observable with our eyes,... Read more

    Virtual Event
    Digging Deeper
    Online, 23.03.2022

    Am 17. und 18. Februar findet in Brüssel das sechste Gipfeltreffen zwischen der Europäischen Union (EU) und der Afrikanischen Union (AU)... Read more

    Virtuelles Pressebriefing
    Ergebnisse des EU-AU-Gipfels
    Online, 24.02.2022

    In our fourth virtual DGSG-DIE research-in-progress seminar on Thursday, 3 February, 16:00-17:15 CET (7:00-8:15 AM PST / 10:00-11:15AM EST),... Read more

    Virtual Workshop
    Accountability keywords
    Online, 03.02.2022

    Corruption hampers the achievement of SDG 6 for ensuring water and sanitation for all. In fact, corruption is estimated to be responsible... Read more

    Bonn Water Network Event
    Corruption in the water sector
    Online, 18.01.2022

    Expo 2020 Dubai, themed “Harnessing South-South and Triangular Cooperation: How to accelerate contributions to the Sustainable Development... Read more

    Hybrid Event, Forum
    South-South and Triangular Cooperation Forum
    Colombia pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai & Online, 18.01.2022 until 19.01.2022

    In the third of five research-in-progress seminars co-hosted by the American Associations of Geographers’ (AAG) Development Geographies... Read more

    Virtual Workshop
    Compelled to compete
    Online, 13.01.2022

Past events 2021

    Climate change, digitalisation, urbanisation, demographic transition - profound changes like these pose new challenges for German and... Read more

    Project launch
    Megatrends Africa
    Berlin / Online, 14.12.2021

    Der zweite Beirätedialog 2021 wird am 09. November 2021, 14-17 Uhr, online stattfinden. Forciert durch die Corona-Krise sowie unter dem... Read more

    SDSN Germany Beirätedialog
    Online, 09.11.2021

    Researchers of the project "Klimalog: Research and dialogue for a just and SDG-compatible implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement" of... Read more

    UN Climate Change Conference
    Glasgow, 31.10.2021 until 12.11.2021

    Das Deutsche Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) lädt am 27.10.2021 von 10:00 bis 11:30 Uhr zu einem virtuellen Pressebriefing anlässlich... Read more

    COP26 Online-Pressebriefing
    Online, 27.10.2021

    Held shortly before the Glasgow Climate Conference COP26, this knowledge-exchange dialogue will bring researchers and practitioners together... Read more

    Expert workshop & Closing plenary
    Pre-COP26 Knowledge-Exchange Dialogue
    Online, 20.10.2021 until 21.10.2021

    Climate change impacts cities in manifold ways and often affects water resources: floods and other natural hazards damage urban... Read more

    Session at the Daring Cities Conference
    It’s about water!
    Online, 07.10.2021

    A significant body of literature establishes the critical role of social protection in strengthening risk management and adaptive capacities... Read more

    Session at the Adaptation Futures 2020
    Managing climate risks
    Online, 06.10.2021

    Workshop objective and background The aggregation of information is a mundane procedure in research processes. Clustering, labelling and... Read more

    Virtual Workshop
    Contested Categories
    Online, 04.10.2021 until 05.10.2021

    Oceans fulfil important functions for human livelihoods and wellbeing. They regulate the global climate, provide food and economic resources... Read more

    Virtual Event
    The art of knowing the ocean
    Online, 28.09.2021

    G20-TIRN is a cross-country, independent, network of trade and investment policy researchers whose shared goal is to provide substantive,... Read more

    Virtual Event within the framework of the T20 Roundtables
    Key Priorities for the G20
    Online, 08.09.2021

    The online seminar series "Policy Implications of Recent Globalization Research" aims to encourage the exchange and discussion of empirical... Read more

    Virtual Seminar
    The Impact of Immigration
    Online, 30.06.2021

    In diesem Workshop laden das Netzwerk Fluchtforschung (NWFF) in Kooperation mit FFVT Netzwerke aus der ganzen Welt ein, die sich mit Themen... Read more

    Virtueller Workshop
    CoNet Connecting Networks
    Online, 31.05.2021

    Der Beirätedialog 2021 wird am 17. Mai 2021 online stattfinden. Bei der Überwindung der Corona-Krise und der Gestaltung einer nachhaltigen... Read more

    SDSN Germany Beirätedialog
    Online, 17.05.2021

    Um die international vereinbarten Nachhaltigkeits- und Klimaziele zu erreichen, müssen Deutschland und die Europäische Union (EU) die... Read more

    Virtuelle Veranstaltungsreihe
    Zu Hebeln gewendet?
    04.05.2021 until 05.05.2021

    The Bonn Water Network*) cordially invites you to join a virtual event on the occasion of (and one day after the actual) World Water Day... Read more

    Bonn Water Network Event
    World Water Day 2021
    Online, 23.03.2021