Doing your PhD

The German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS) is committed to generating and disseminating knowledge at a high level of scientific quality. The recruitment, training and promotion of highly qualified young researchers have a high priority for the institute. High quality dissertations present the key to excellent research. For this reason, the IDOS requires its young researchers to work towards obtaining a PhD, providing them with particular support in this endeavour. As a non-university research institute, the IDOS cooperates with a range of universities. PhD candidates are free to choose a university within Germany or in Europe that fits their particular profile and research theme. As a general rule, dissertations are part of the on-going research at the IDOS.  Many excellent dissertations have emerged in this context in the past years. They showcase successful collaborations with different universities.

To guarantee optimal supervision and excellent quality of dissertations, IDOS keeps developing  its structured doctoral programme continuously.  By strongly supporting its PhD candidates, the IDOS also contributes to the professional development of its staff. Graduates of IDOS' PhD programme can start their professional career at universities, think tanks, implementing agencies and international organizations working on common-good oriented development.

Admission to the IDOS PhD programme is coupled to regular vacancies at the institute. If it is possible to do a PhD on the vacant position, the respective job advertisement will clearly say so.