Comparing low carbon innovation paths in Asia and Europe

Altenburg, Tilman / Ambui Sagar / Hubert Schmitz / Xue Lan (eds.)
Books (2015)

in: Science and Public Policy Vol. 43(4), 451-453


The central objective of this Special Issue is to examine whether, how and why low-carbon innovation paths differ between the leading countries in Europe and the rising powers in Asia. . It is particularly concerned with the role of public policy in shaping these innovation paths. The contributors, though, avoid mono-causal explanations and explore the complex and evolving inter-relationships between public policy and other determinants such as national context and corporate strategies.


About the author

Altenburg, Tilman

Economic Geography


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Banerjee, Aparajita

Environmental and Resource Sociology, Public Policy 

Never, Babette

Political Scientist 

Pegels, Anna