Gender in the political arena: a training manual

Jaji, Rose / Rudo B. Gaidzanwa
Books (2014)

Addis Ababa: OSSREA


Motivation for Developing the Teaching Material This manual is motivated by the need to analyse the gendered nature of politics on the African landscape. Increasing involvement of women in the political arena has transformed this space, raising questions about men and women’s agency and heightening problems and struggles for political space. There is need to assess whether men and women’s participation in the political arena has been accompanied by corresponding changes in the status of men, women and children’s well-being in Africa. It is also necessary to find out whether this participation has also transformed gender relations in the political as well as the economic, social and cultural spheres. The units that are selected and contained in this manual facilitate assessment and analysis of gender and how it intersects with politics in its various manifestations.

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Jaji, Rose



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