The dynamics of change in EU governance

Diedrichs, Udo / Wulf Reiners / Wolfgang Wessels (eds.)
Books (2011)

(Studies in EU Reform and Enlargement), Cheltenham: Elgar

ISBN: 978-1-84844-886-5

This book brings together the research of different academic disciplines to explore the recent transformation of governance in the European Union. The emergence, execution and evolution of new modes of EU governance across several policy fields - encompassing all three former pillars of the European Union - are mapped, analysed and evaluated. In particular, the contributors focus on the ways in which these innovative mechanisms and practices relate to `old' methods of governance and what their implications are for both the effectiveness and efficiency of policy-making. Particular attention is devoted to the impact of the Lisbon Treaty on the shape of EU governance. Conclusions are drawn in the form of an integrated framework that explores the dynamics and differentiation of EU governance. Linking research on modes of governance to the analysis of the basic legal, institutional and procedural features of the EU up to the Lisbon Treaty, this book will prove useful reading for scholars, researchers and policy-makers in the fields of European studies, law and economics, and political science and theory.

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Reiners, Wulf

Political Science


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