Transboundary cooperation and global governance for inclusive sustainable development

Scholz, Imme / Lilian Busse / Thomas Fues (eds.)
Books (2022)

Contributions in Honour of Dirk Messner’s 60th Birthday, Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlag

ISBN: 978-3-8487-8636-7
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Contributions in Honour of Dirk Messner’s 60th Birthday

This book gathers renowned researchers and policymakers from all continents who have accompanied Dirk Messner’s professional life in science and policy advice. Their articles and essays cover topics related to the ideational spheres and practice-oriented spaces which have consistently characterised Dirk Messner’s career. These include steps at the national, regional or global level to effectively accelerate the shift towards planetary sustainability; measures to forge or strengthen cross-sectoral, transboundary, multi-actor alliances for sustainable transformation; and key elements of universal ethics and shared norms which foster transnational cooperation for the global common good.

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Scholz, Imme



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Gitt, Florian


Haug, Sebastian

Political Science 

Morare, Ditebogo Modiegi

Political Science 

Nowack, Daniel

Political Science 

Olekseyuk, Zoryana


Stewart, Benjamin

Social Science 

Volz, Ulrich


Wehrmann, Dorothea


Wingens, Christopher

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