Germany's new foreign policy

Germany's new foreign policy

What does global responsibility in the 21st century mean?

Does the new German government need to formulate a new foreign policy? President Gauck, Foreign Minister Steinmeier and Defence Minister von der Leyen have initiated a debate on Germany taking on more international responsibility. The German media has focussed primarily on the question of the potential involvement of the Bundeswehr in Africa. But the military question, taken in isolation, is misleading. Germany’s foreign policy challenges are much broader than that. What will it take to shape the 21st century international order? What non-military contributions must Germany make? With regard to Africa, what tasks are the most pressing? And how does all of this fit with the perspective of a common European foreign policy? What do the citizens of Europe think about promoting democracy in other countries? What do they think of using military means? How can democracy and peace be promoted in "weak" states?

In this special, the German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS) presents its latest work on the role of Germany and Europe in dealing with global challenges that must be overcome in the coming decades.


Bauer, Steffen
Furness, Mark
Grävingholt, Jörn
Klingebiel, Stephan
Koch, Svea
Leininger, Julia
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An empirical typology of state fragility

Climate change and development - natural resources management in the context of adaptation and mitigation

Exploiting synergies between export promotion, climate mitigation and development. The case of renewable energy in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

Green and inklusive Energy Systems

Transformation and development in fragile states

Stellungnahme aus dem Beirat Zivile Krisenprävention

Internationale Verantwortung nach dem Krisenjahr 2014: Schub für zivile Krisenprävention?!

Stellungnahme aus dem Beirat Zivile Krisenprävention zum 4. Bericht der Bundesregierung über die Umsetzung des Aktionsplans „Zivile Krisenprävention, Konfliktlösung und Friedenskonsolidierung“

15. Dezember 2014


Entwicklungspolitik im Gefüge einer "neuen deutschen Außenpolitik"
Jörn Grävingholt (2016)
Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte (APuZ 28–29/2016)

Impulspapier des Beirats Zivile Krisenprävention