2020 as the Anno Commotio (Year of Yearning): academia needs to change for diversity, too!

Hernandez, Ariel Macaspac
External Publications (2020)

published on blogs.die-gdi.de, Future of Globalisation, 19.08.2020, Online


The year 2020 is telling us that we need to reflect on our privileges. The political will as well as the current public opinion are turning out to be a strong force to motivate colleagues to speak out and others to listen. This exciting year is the anno commotio – the year of yearning.
Researchers and practitioners of international cooperation and academia more broadly have long started the discussion about the need to foster diversity in their home institutions and their network of partners. Re-considerations are necessary in the Global North and in the Global South. There are no sustainable solutions as long as incentives are not altered or complemented accordingly. But a reflection is already a good first step.

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