A review of the literature on well-being in Italy: a human development perspective

Burchi, Francesco / Chiara Gnesi
External Publications (2016)

in: Forum for Social Economics 45 (2-3), 170-192


In recent years a large literature on indicators of well-being and quality of life has emerged. While all these indicators are an important step towards the recognition of well-being as a multidimensional phenomenon, they are often rooted in very different approaches – when we can identify a relevant “theoretical” framework - such as basic needs, happiness, or capability approach, and vary significantly in terms of statistical quality. This paper has a twofold objective: (1) to analyze the state of the art of the literature on well-being in Italy; (2) to examine this literature from a human development perspective. Thus, we investigate the pros and cons of the existing approaches/indicators and assess whether they are rooted in the human development approach. This is deemed necessary for the final goal of constructing a context-based indicator of human development for Italy and its territorial units.

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Burchi, Francesco

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