Cooperation between G20 and African states: delivering on African citizens’ demands

Gyimah-Boadi, Emmanuel / Michael Bratton / Julia Leininger
External Publications (2017)

published on G20 Insights April 9, 2017


The German G20 presidency’s “Compact with Africa” focuses on fostering private investments andinvestments in infrastructure development in Africa. What are the priorities for private investments andinfrastructure investments of ordinary Africans? How can these investments contribute to sustainabledevelopment? Based on evid ence from Afrobarometer public - attitude surveys across 36 African countries, this policy brief shows that (a) Africans prioritize paid employment, social services,infrastructure, and food security; (b) poverty reduction is associated with access to reliab le development infrastructure; and (c) beyond specific sector investments, sustainable development requires public trust in institutions built on good governance and political accountability.

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Leininger, Julia

Political Scientist


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