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Framework for participatory food security research in rural food value chains

Graef, Frieder / Stefan Sieber / Khamaldin Mutabazi / Folkard Asch / Hans Konrad Biesalski / Janet Bitegeko / Wolfgang Bokelmann / Michael Brüntrup / Ottfried Dietrich / Nickson Elly / Aanja Fasse / Jörn Germer / Ulrike Grote / Ludgar Herrmann / Raoul Her
External Publications (2014)

in: Global Food Security 3 (1), 8–15


Enhancing food security for poor and vulnerable people requires adapting rural food systems to various driving factors. Food security-related research should apply participatory action research that considers the entire food value chain to ensure sustained success. This article presents a research framework that focusses on determining, prioritising, testing, adapting and disseminating food securing upgrading strategies across the multiple components of rural food value chains. These include natural resources, food production, processing, markets, consumption and waste management. Scientists and policy makers jointly use tools developed for assessing potentials for enhancing regional food security at multiple spatial and temporal scales. The research is being conducted in Tanzania as a case study for Sub-Saharan countries and is done in close collaboration with local, regional and national stakeholders, encompassing all activities across all different food sectors.

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