Global fisheries - still a blind spot in international cooperation

Hornidge, Anna-Katharina / Niels Keijzer
External Publications (2021)

in: RURAL 21 4(2021), 6-9

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In discussing the overexploitation of our oceans, the role of the latter in food and nutrition security and the livelihoods of millions of people, especially in the Global South, is often forgotten. The authors appeal to actors in international cooperation to devote more attention to fisheries in their policies and address the challenges which this sector is facing in a more determined manner.

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Keijzer, Niels

Social Science


Hornidge, Anna-Katharina

Development and Knowledge Sociology


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Dombrowsky, Ines


Gitt, Florian


Goedeking, Nicholas

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Haug, Sebastian

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Kachelmann, Matthias

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Li, Hangwei

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Morare, Ditebogo Modiegi

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Novoselova, Anna

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Olekseyuk, Zoryana


Schoderer, Mirja

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Wingens, Christopher

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