NEPAD and African development: towards a new partnership between development partners in Africa

Tawfik, Rawia
External Publications (2008)

in: African Journal of International Affairs 11 (1), 55–70


The model required to drive socio-economic development in Africa, and the relationship between the state and the private sector based on that model, have sparked much controversy among African analysts. Some question the relevance of other successful models of development, such as in the liberal West or in East-Asia, to the African context. Others criticise all models of development that are “alien” to African cultures and conditions hence rejecting the NEPAD model on this basis. This paper argues that although NEPAD does not present a detailed model of the relationship between the state, the private sector and civil society in Africa, some of its theoretical underpinnings suggest a balanced framework that should prompt African
scholars to search for new models that do not necessarily imitate already successful ones but respect the particularities of each African state.

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Tawfik, Rawia

Political Scientist

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