The impact of local financial development and corruption control on firm efficiency in Vietnam: evidence from a geoadditive stochastic frontier analysis

Haschka, Rouven E. / Helmut Herwartz / Clara Silva Coelho / Yabibal M. Walle
External Publications (2023)

in: Journal of Productivity Analysis 60, 203-226

Open access

In this paper, we use a geoadditve Bayesian stochastic frontier analysis to empirically assess the impact of provincial-level financial development, corruption control, and their interaction on firm efficiency in Vietnam. Using panel data from more than 40,000 Vietnamese firms during 2006-2013, we find that financial development decreases firm efficiency, while corruption control promotes it. Moreover, financial development and corruption control interact positively in affecting firm efficiency. Our results imply that corruption control not only enhances firm efficiency directly by reducing unnecessary regulatory burdens, costs, and delays, but it also offsets potential inefficiencies that arise from increased financial development.

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Walle, Yabibal

Development Economics


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