The potential of ICT‐supported participatory communication interventions to challenge local power dynamics: Lessons from the case of Togo

Breuer, Anita / Laura Blomenkemper / Stefan Kliesch / Franziska Salzer / Manuel Schädler / Valentin Schweinfurth / Stephen Virchow
External Publications (2018)

published on Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries 84 (3)


This paper adds to the debate on the contribution of ICT towards improving the quality of local governance. The data presented were collected during the scoping phase of an ICT‐based participation platform aimed at improving local governance in Togo. We combine original data from a social network analysis and a representative household survey. Based on these data, we conclude that the success of ICT interventions to transform local power structures depends on their adequate adaption to the political and technical environment. Decisions about the stage of the public policy cycle at which ICT projects intervene must be informed by the nature of local power relations and the distribution of access to ICT and participation opportunities across the intervention's target population.

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Breuer, Anita

Political Scientist


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