The Turkish-Syrian friendship dam on the Orontes River: benefits for all?

Scheumann, Waltina / Omar Shmaly
External Publications (2016)

in: Aysegül Kibaroglu / Ronald Jaubert (eds.), Water resources management in the Asi-Orontes River Basin: issues and opportunities, Geneva:Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and MEF University, 125-137

ISBN: 978-2-940503-70-4

The book is a product of the International Workshop, “Water Resources Management in the Asi-Orontes River Basin: Issues and Opportunities,” held in MEF University in Istanbul in November 2014. It was organized as part of a research program on the Orontes River basin led by the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies with the support of the Global Program Water Initiatives of the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency. Waltina Scheumann and Omar Shamaly review the transboundary dam project and analyze the benefit-sharing approach and the incentives for Turkey and Syria for negotiating the Friendship Dam in terms of the actual and potential benefits, costs and externalities, notwithstanding the fact that the dam project was halted due to the emergence of conflict in Syria.

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Scheumann, Waltina

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