What the EU could contribute, with a little EU-phoria

Furness, Mark
External Publications (2013)

The Broker Online, 10 September 2013


The 2013 European Report on Development (ERD) ‘Post 2015: Global Action for an Inclusive and Sustainable Future’ offered two ambitions for the post-2015 global development agenda. First, it should not be just ‘MDGs plus’, but also truly transformative. The agenda should support economic and social transformations through employment, socioeconomic equality and environmental sustainability. Second, it should look beyond the goals, and more at the international drivers that create a development-friendly environment. Given these ambitions, there are two areas where the EU could and should try to push the global agenda. One – socio-economic inequality – is based on Europe’s domestic strengths, and the other – the framework conditions for development – on its international potential.

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Furness, Mark

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