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World development agenda after 2015: merging human with sustainable development

Loewe, Markus
External Publications (2014)

published on The Diplomatist (India) 8/2014


In a number of world conferences in the past, long lists of goals in areas of education, food, child development, and more were adopted. The most important of these goals were consolidated in the UN’s Millennium Declaration, from which the Millennium Development Goals were taken in 2001. In September 2013, the UN supported the creation of only one post-2015 list of goals that encompassed both Sustainable Development Goals and a post-MDG agenda. So in 2015, the United Nations wants to establish a new global agenda that takes poverty as well as sustainability debates into account and would thereby, at the same time, be a successor for the MDGs and a framework for more sustainable international development. Dr Markus Loewe highlights the challenge of designing such an agenda and suggests that the post-2015 agenda should consist of two separate but mutually referring sets of goals – one concentrating on human development, the other on global public goods.

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