Declaration by SDSN Germany: G7 must embrace strong commitments towards a sustainable and just world

Press release of 24 March 2015

In a declaration on the upcoming G7 Summit in Germany, the German Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN Germany) calls on the Federal Chancellor and her G7 counterparts to agree in June in Elmau on determined contributions to global sustainable development:

  • In the G7 countries: overcome non-sustainable consumption and production patterns,
  • In the G7’s global policies: align the rules of globalisation with sustainability and fairness,
  • In the G7’s cooperation with others: effectively support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) globally.

“In 2015, despite the ongoing crises and conflicts in the world, the global community has the opportunity, by successfully concluding three global conferences, to lay the foundation for a good life for all humans within the boundaries of our earth”, as SDSN Germany Chairs Dirk Messner (DIE) and Klaus Töpfer (IASS Potsdam) state in their accompanying letter to Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The declaration by SDSN Germany highlights the importance of 2015 as a year of decisions to be taken at three global summits on key issues of global sustainable development: the United Nations’ (UN) SDG Summit in September; the UN Climate Conference in December; and the Conference on Financing for Development in July. In the run-up to these events, the Elmau summit offers an opportunity to the G7 to support the emerging global agenda by making strong commitments. In particular, SDSN Germany calls on the G7 to embrace the SDGs for their own countries in national strategies for sustainable development and report on their progress in this respect at the G7 Summit in 2017.

The full declaration by SDSN Germany is available online in German and English.

About SDSN Germany
SDSN Germany was founded in 2014 as a network of German knowledge organisations that are at the same time members to the global SDSN. SDSN Germany supports the implementation of sustainable development within and through Germany together with its partners from business and society and in close contact with representatives from politics. More information: