Decolonising Development (DecolDEV)

Decolonising Development (DecolDEV) is a collaborative project with members from over 20 European countries. The project aims at reflecting on eurocentric definitions of „development“ and epistemic power imbalances in order to contribute to more diversity in knowledge production.

In three working groups of DecolDEV, project participants address specific challenges in development research, teaching and practice. The project runs four years (2020-2024) and is funded by COST (The European Cooperation in Science and Technology) with the objective of building research networks across and beyond Europe.

Project Lead:

Julia Schönenberg, University of Kassel

Juan Telleria, Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea

COST (The European Cooperation in Science and Technology)

Time frame:
2021 - 2024 / ongoing

Co-operation Partner:

University of Kassel


Decolonising Discourse Studies

Project Coordination

Bettina Beer