The impact of the global financial and economic crisis on households, small enterprises and labour markets

This research project was meant to study in which way households and informal sector enterprises are affected by large-scale and multifaceted external shocks, what they can do to mitigate and cope with these shocks and how governments, donors and other actors can help them in more efficiently managing such shocks.

Project Lead:
Markus Loewe

Project Team:
Christoph Antons
Nicole Rippin

Time frame:
2010 - 2012 / completed

Project description

For the purpose of the study, quantitative and qualitative empirical research were conducted in three developing countries with different starting conditions: a first one that is to some degree industrialised, a second one that is primarily based on agriculture and a third one that is mainly living from extractive industries. The quantitative analysis was based on household, enterprise and labour market surveys conducted before and after the crisis. In addition, case studies were planned on the basis of semi-structured interviews conducted in all three countries.