• Science for the Global Common Good

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Science for the Global Common Good

IDOS is engaged in a programme-wide systematic investigation of globally different science systems, reflects on their respective socio-politically transformative potential and develops approaches to structurally strengthen this form of science together with partners.

'Science for the Global Common Good' encompasses the three areas of tension:


  1. Globalised Science & Local Representation with investigations of structurally determined power asymmetries and their effects on scientific practice as well as their socio-politically transformative potential, reflecting on the role of transnational research cooperation and research policy.
  2. Science Policy & National Innovation Systems with the aim of enabling national innovation systems in countries of different income groups and regime types to keep a global eye on technological progress in order to recognise relevant innovations at an early stage, to assess their opportunities and risks and to value them socially, because the migration of qualified scientists from developing and emerging countries remains a central problem.
  3. Science-to-Policy, Science-to-Society on the role of discourses (as societal cognitive structures) and narratives (as vehicles of knowledge transfer) in deliberative processes between science and other social subsystems.

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