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IDOS Postgraduate Programme

Our Postgraduate Programme enhances the competence of master’s graduates aspiring to a career in international cooperation for development and sustainability. The Postgraduate Programme offers a comprehensive 360-degree perspective on global cooperation, and participants learn competences for partnership-based cooperation. Participants gain a foundation for reflective and dedicated professional action and are part of our valuable network. Thus, the Programme is more than just a gateway into a career.

Each year, we select 18 people for our 9-month programme.

Graph: Bubble diagram of the programme: 3 large, red bubbles, it is written inside "9-month training programme for Master graduate students", "Empirical and applied research project including a 3-month research stay", and "Individualised, career-oriented coaching" connected with four smaller bubbles:  "Unique combination of theory and political practice", "A lifelong network", "Competence development for the career entry", and "Free of charge".


How does cooperation in partnership work?

In the Programme, you will strengthen your cooperation skills through intensive teamwork and collaboration with our international partners. The Programme continuously fosters opportunities for meaningful encounters and exchange. We not only teach cooperation, we live it.

How do research findings influence policy-making?

At IDOS, we work empirically at the interface between science, policy and development practice. Our participants gain experience in theory-led and empirically based policy advice as a basis for political decision-making. This proximity to political decision-making processes makes the Postgraduate Programme at IDOS unique.

How do postcolonial power structures shape our work?

What is my positionality as a researcher and adviser? What are my privileges in a world shaped by inequalities? In the Postgraduate Programme, you will also reflect on the limitations of our work in international cooperation.

What does it mean to be part of an international network?

At IDOS, we integrate learning and networking. Our alumni work in different professions in the field of international cooperation. Our participants benefit from being part of this extended, personal network. Moreover, you will exchange with participants from our training and dialogue formats MGG and Shaping Futures. We consider fostering mutual exchange within trust-based networks as fundamental for international cooperation.

Separator Image: 3 young female participants of the Postgraduate Programme
Separator Image: 3 young female participants of the Postgraduate Programme

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