Your Gateway to a Career in International Cooperation

Participants receive intensive support in their career orientation. In the past ten years, our alumni started their careers with the following employers.

Donut-Diagramme: Our graduates from the 48th – 58th PGP found their career start here: 20% KfW, 18% Federal Institute of Physics and Technology (PTB), 15% BMZ, 12% GIZ, 6% GFA Consulting Group, 6% IDOS (former DIE), 23% Others (like FES, IAS of Frankfurt School, DEG, GOPA, BMU, DEval, AA, UN Women, Caritas International, Sparkassen foundation).

Through the Postgraduate-Programme, I am part of an extensive network that not only includes my research team but also the alumni from previous cohorts. I have successfully utilized this network for my entry into the professional world and continue to benefit from the diverse contacts to this day.

Felix Paffhausen, 58th PGP, KfW


Through the Postgraduate Programme, I was able to gain a comprehensive overview of potential employers and career paths in the field of international cooperation. This helped me to gain a better understanding of my professional goals.

Content-sessions, trainings enhancing my skills and their practical application during the research projects helped me to approach future job interviews and other stressful situation in the professional sphere with confidence.

Saskia Metz, 58th PGP, Advocacy Officer at Kindernothilfe

Separator Image: A female participant of the Postgraduate Programme is speaking into a microphone on a well attended event.

The IDOS alumni network consists of around 1000 people. Our alumni work in a wide range of institutions in international cooperation. Many alumni are also actively involved in our Programme, for example by contributing to the Programme as mentors or providing orientation on career paths in their institutions.