Knowledge society vision and social construction of reality in Germany and Singapore

Hornidge, Anna-Katharina
Buchveröffentlichungen (2007)

Münster: Lit

ISBN: 978-3-8258-0316-2

Founding this book on Berger and Luckmann's sociology of knowledge, A.-K. Hornidge assesses knowledge society as a social construction of reality that orients and motivates actors to the effect that they finally create what they conceive as being objective. This process of construction is redrawn with reference to Germany and Singapore by assessing state activities and their inherent, country-specific definitions of knowledge society. The book ends with a discussion of the construct as economic and technological programme as well as new focal point of collective identity that reduces felt insecurities and risks within the second modernity.

Über die Autorin

Hornidge, Anna-Katharina

Entwicklungs- und Wissenssoziologie


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