The digital revolution and sustainable development: opportunities and challenges; Report prepared byThe World in 2050 initiative

Nakicenovic,Nebojsa / Dirk Messner / Caroline Zimm / Geoff Clarke / Johan Rockström / Ana Paula Aguiar / Benigna Boza-Kiss / Lorenza Campagnolo / Ilan Chabay / David Collste / Luis Comolli / Luis Gomez-Echeverri / Anne Goujon / Arnulf Grubler / Reiner Jun
Books (2019)

Laxenburg: International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)

The Digital Revolution is playing a greater role in our global economic and social fabric. Digitalization will play a key role in achieving the 2030 Agenda, both as a tool for achieving developmental outcomes as well as an endogenous driver of change. While new digital tools present opportunities for improving agriculture, urban planning, and good governance, digitalization also requires engaged citizenry and good technology governance. Thus the report argues that along with the possibilities and disruptions that technology brings, we also must focus on the governance of data and technology so that it works for the collective good.  

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