Implementation of the 2030 Agenda with the public sector

Triggered by discussions and experiences in the MGG Academy, the Managing Global Governance Programme has been engaging in public sector capacity development for the implementation of the Agenda 2030 since early 2018. This engagement is based on the understanding that the successful advancement of the Agenda 2030 is dependent on the support and involvement of civil servants on all political levels. Schools of Public Administration play a key role in this. They prepare young civil servants for their careers, but also offer training courses for more senior staff. Through this, they can infuse the public sector with the attitudes, skills and knowledge that will be crucial for sustainable development.

MGG has been employing various formats of mutual learning both among Schools of Public Administration in the different MGG countries as well as among relevant interest groups from policy, academia, business and civil society in order to strengthen capacity building in the public sector.

The MGG network creates a space for such a systematic and in-depth exchange. It is based on the proposal for a "New York Programme of Action" for Schools of Public Administration and partner institutions, which was jointly developed by MGG network partners during the High Level Political Forum 2018 (HLPF). Subjects of this exchange are: First, content-related and didactical questions on the design of training formats that support civil servants to develop relevant competencies for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. Thereby, the content, methods and principles that have proved successful in the MGG Academy provide an important reference point. Second, strategies for integrating and mainstreaming the Agenda 2030 into the regular course programmes and general proceedings of the Schools of Public Administration. Third, a train the trainers course on the Agenda for the educational staff of Schools of Public Administration who serve as important multiplicators.

Furthermore, the network is engaged in the collection and development of knowledge products, such as books or classroom materials that deal with the contributions of the public sector for the implementation of the Agenda 2030. The consortium also reaches out to political decision-makers and fora in order to highlight the importance and role of the public sector and of national as well as international public sector training programmes.