Can the global Green New Deal movement survive the pandemic?

Pegels, Anna / Clara Brandi / Tilman Altenburg
External Publications (2020)

published on, 30.04.2020 (Online)


COVID-19 has quickly developed from a global health crisis into a severe economic one. But this may be an opportunity to restructure our economies and channel funds into green investments. Politically informed smart green transformations will prioritize win-wins over costlier reform processes that risk turning into dead ends and make sure as much environmental conditionality as possible is added to the non-green bailouts that will be part of economic recovery packages.

About the authors

Altenburg, Tilman

Economic Geography


Brandi, Clara

Economy and Political Science


Pegels, Anna



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Aleksandrova, Mariya

Climate risk governance 

Dippel, Beatrice


Donnelly, Aiveen

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Ekoh, Susan S.

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Goedeking, Nicholas

Comparative Political Economy 

Hägele, Ramona

Political Scientist 

Inacio da Cunha, Marcelo

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Lehmann, Ina

Political Science 

Malerba, Daniele


Mathis, Okka Lou

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Never, Babette

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Srigiri, Srinivasa Reddy

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