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G20 and Africa - ready for a steady partnership?

Gobbelaar, Neuma / Christine Hackenesch / Adolf Kloke-Lesch / Julia Leininger / Elizabeth Sidiropoulos
External Publications (2017)

published on G20 Insights May 15, 2017


In a world facing growing chasms between poor and rich, terrorism and global pandemics, as well as challenges around political stability and accountability, the time has never been more urgent to facilitate an inclusive global discourse on solving these challenges. There is no doubt that Africa needs to be an active part of the processes of global standard-setting and policy coordination. Africa-G20 cooperation is currently limited to a few single initiatives and an observer status for the AU and NEPAD. This level of engagement is insufficient in light of the current global challenges and strong interdependencies between Africa and G20 countries.Our main proposals are to (A) integrate cooperation with Africa broadly across G20 workstreams and strengthen G20 members’ commitments to Africa's Agenda 2063 and cooperation on implementing the 2030 Agenda; (B) define and strengthen the role of the AU Commission in enhancing the participation of African representatives in the G20 process, including the summit; (C) consider a full and permanent seat for the AU Commission in the G20 and its work-streams in the longer term; (D) regularise the engagement between the Think 20 and African think tanks and engage with the "T20 Africa Standing Group".


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