Praxeological investigation of knowledge production on a research vessel

Hägele, Ramona
External Publications (2021)

in: S. Krastel / [...] / R. Hägele et al. (Hrsg.), Giant turbidite systems of the deep sea: mechanisms of sediment (and nutrient) transport and delivery to the deep sea, as exemplified in the morphology, stratigraphy and sedimentary record of the Northwest Atlantic Mid-Ocean Channel, Labrador Sea (Cruise No. MSM102, 23.07.21 - 09.09.21) : Gutachterpanel Forschungsschiffe, 37-40

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Oceans are facing radical changes due to anthropogenic ocean acidification leading to an unstable climate. Although the expected profound impacts on humanity and ecosystems are scientifically proven, marine realms have attracted little attention in politics and climate change negotiations. Research vessels are playing an important role in facilitating research on the vast ocean defying weather, time, and space, thus allowing scientific knowledge production that is of crucial importance for understanding marine systems and climate change. But what exactly happens on board of a research vessel? Which role does the vessel play in scientific knowledge production inmarine research? How are social processes and technologies affecting knowledge production? How is newly gained knowledge transferred to and accessible for society and politics? These questions were explored during a seven-week geomorphological expedition in the North Atlantic and Labrador Sea.

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Hägele, Ramona

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