The role of school in the identification of Afghan refugee adolescents in Iran

Imani, Mohammed Javad / Hamed Nazari / Somayeh Mirashe
External Publications (2022)

International Journal for Innovation and Education and Research 10 (9), 32 - 45

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Purpose: This article explores the role of independent schools in the identity formation of Afghan refugee adolescents. Method: Following Thematic Analysis, 21 Afghan students studying were qualitatively interviewed. Findings: The Afghan adolescent used the accommodation strategy in Iran and achieved identity integrity through the narrative of intimacy. For them, the past (Afghanistan) is a ‘Nowhere land’, the present (Iran) is a ‘no here land’, and the future is ambiguous. The independent schools have the potential to rebuild their past, provide a pleasant present, and picture a hopeful future. It is a place where they can write their identity biography.

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