Trade policy and food security in turbulent times

Aboushady, Nora / Chahir Zaki
External Publications (2023)

in: Salvatore Capasso / Giovanni Canitano (eds.), Mediterranean Economies 2023 - The impact of the Russia-Ukraine war in the Mediterranean region: the socio-economic consequences, Bologna: Il Mulino, 141-171

ISBN: 978-88-15-38778-3

The objective of this chapter is to investigate the linkages between trade policy and food security in the MENA region. It provides an overview of the theoretical nexus between international trade, trade policy, and food security. It also analyzes the status of food security in the MENA region and trends in trade policy between trade barriers and trade agreements. The repercussions of the current global shocks (COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian war on Ukraine) on food security, together with longstanding structural issues that undermine the region’s potential to achieve food security are also discussed. The chapter concludes with policy recommendations for enhanced food security in the region.

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