Green jobs and the city: towards a just transition in developing countries

Kleibrink, Alexander / Anna Pegels / Michael Fink / Wolfgang Scholz
Policy Brief (1/2023)

Bonn: German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS)


This policy brief examines actions for a just transition of local job markets in developing countries. We identify building blocks for shifting from carbon-intensive towards green jobs in this transition. Green jobs in cities are key to ensure a just transition of local employment markets, both formal and informal, and make cities function more sustainably. They are part of a wider inclusive green economy aiming at carbon-neutrality and resource efficiency with a focus on human well-being and social equity while paying special attention to local nature-based solutions. The transition will create winners and losers. Both need to be managed if the process and outcomes are to be just. 

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About the author

Pegels, Anna



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Altenburg, Tilman

Economic Geography 

Asimeng, Emmanuel Theodore

Urban Planning, Sustainability 

Gutheil, Lena

Cultural Anthropology 

Jauregui Fung, Franco

Architecture, Urban Agglomerations 

Loewe, Markus


Löpelt, Sarah

International relations and Sustainability policy 

Sowa, Alina


Vogel, Tim


Zintl, Tina

Political Scientist 

Zumegen, Lisa

Urban Transformation