A G7 infrastructure club: mobilizing the transformative power of cities to support multilateralism and the agenda 2030 in post-COVID G7/G20

Buchoud, Nicolas J. A. / Bai Xuemei / Milindo Chakrabarti / Edoardo Croci / Paramita Dey / Christian von Haldenwang / Holger Kuhle / Susan Parnell / Martin van der Pütten
Externe Publikationen (2022)

in: T7 Task Force International cooperation for the global common good, 02.05.2022

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In the context of an increasing divergence of models, a highly divergent recovery and overlapping and multiple global crises, multi-level governance is critical to address systemic challenges. The benefits of such a strategy, too long ignored by national governments, was well documented during the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, the G7 presidency of Germany has launched a G7 Urban development track to support investments for a better future and a sustainable planet and it has acknowledged the formation of an urban engagement group in the G7. The creation of an infrastructure club, complementing the G7 Germany proposal of a climate club would be an innovative way to support the transformative power of cities in the G7 and nurture a quality dialogue between G7 and G20 in support of the delivery of the Agenda 2030 despite times of uncertainties.

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