African-European relations

Furness, Mark
Externe Publikationen (2014)

in: Andreas Mehler / Henning Melber / Klaas van Walraven (eds), Africa Yearbook: politics, economy and society south of the Sahara in 2013, Leiden: Brill, 27-40

ISBN: 978-9-00427-477-8

Africa-Europe relations revolved around several major issues during 2013. African crises once again drew a lot of attention in European media and political circles, especially with regard to France’s intervention in Mali and its aftermath and the end-of-year escalation of violence in the CAR and South Sudan. The fate of African migrants to Europe made headlines but did not result in much political action. The future of relations between Africa and Europe was a recurring theme during the year, highlighted by the AU’s 50th birthday celebrations and apparent in several discussions at the continent-continent level and between the EU and African Regional Economic Communities (RECs). African politics also came into focus, particularly the elections in Kenya, Mali and Zimbabwe. Nelson Mandela’s passing was widely mourned throughout Europe. Security continued to be a major area of cooperation, particularly in the Horn of Africa and Sahel regions. The evolution of mutual interests in sustainable economic development resulted in significant progress in tortuous EPA negotiations.

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Furness, Mark



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