Book review: the world in Guangzhou: africans and other foreigners in South China’s global marketplace (by Gordon Mathews, Linessa Dan Lin, and Yang Yang)

Cissé, Daouda
Externe Publikationen (2019)

in: China Information, 33 (1), 118-119

Open access

While the title suggests that this book is about Africans and other foreigners in Guangzhou, it mainly deals with the presence of African traders in Guangzhou. Beyond business and trade activities, the book raises important questions including culture, race, religion, interracial marriage between Africans and Chinese, and multiculturalism in Chinese society, in this case ties with foreigners, particularly between Africans and Chinese. Gordon Mathews, Linessa Lin, and Yang Yang also discuss multiculturalism in China with its diverse ethnic groups as well as the presence of foreigners from all around the world who meet in Guangzhou mainly for business purposes. Because of business interests and ties, Chinese, African, and other foreign ethnic groups and communities interact and live in fairly good harmony.

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Cissé, Daouda



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