Green Hydrogen: fuelling industrial development for a clean and sustainable future

Altenburg, Tilman / Manuel Albaladejo / Smeeta Fokeer / Nele Wenck / Petra Schwager
Externe Publikationen (2022)

published on, 01.02.2022

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Green hydrogen is a key element in any decarbonization strategy. All major and emerging economies are investing heavily in green hydrogen, as well as in international energy partnerships to secure long-term imports. This creates new opportunities for industrial development, particularly in countries that are well-endowed with renewable power sources. If these countries create the appropriate framework conditions, they can develop promising new industrial clusters by investing in renewable power projects and electrolysers first to then gradually attract energy-intensive steel or base chemicals investments, in addition to manifold downstream industries that use green steel or chemical feedstocks. Proactive strategies are therefore indispensable to fully reap these new opportunities for industrial development.

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Altenburg, Tilman



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