Green hydrogen: opportunities for industrial development through forward linkages from renewables. Global Supply Chains blog

Altenburg, Tilman / Manuel Albaladejo / Smeeta Fokeer / Nele Wenck
Externe Publikationen (2022)

in: Sustainable Global Supply Chains Annual Report 2022, 98-104

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Green hydrogen will be a key element in any decarbonisation strategy. All major economies are investing heavily in green hydrogen, and often also in international energy partnerships to secure long-term imports. This creates new opportunities for  industrial development. Countries which are well-endowed with renewable power sources can induce investments in electrolyser plants and related methanol and ammonia industries, which then offer low cost inputs for energy-intensive industries  (steel, aluminum, base chemicals, fertilisers) and manifold downstream industries that use green steel or chemical feedstocks. To actually build such renewables-based value chains requires proactive industrial policies.

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