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Implementation of the 2030 Agenda by G20 members: how to address the transformative and integrated character of the SDGs by individual and collective action

Chen, Dongxiao / Imme Scholz / Paulo Esteves
Externe Publikationen (2017)

published on G20 Insights March 14, 2017


In the G20 Action Plan on the 2030 Agenda, adopted in Hangzhou in 2016, G20 members committed to contribute to its implementation through “collective and individual efforts, at home and abroad” with a “focus on sectors and themes of the Agenda where the G20 has comparative advantage and can add value as a global forum for economic cooperation”. Countries will “integrate sustainable development in domestic policies and plans and international development efforts”. In Annex B of the Action Plan all G20 members presented first outlines on national actions.
The Action Plan was developed in cooperation between G20 Sherpas and the Development Working Group (DWG). In order to support implementation of the Action Plan, the DWG was mandated to “act as a forum for sustainable development dialogue between G20 members, low income and developing countries, development stakeholders and the G20 engagement groups” and to facilitate “mutual learning and exchange of experiences and good practices among G20 members on their respective national actions for sustainable development”.
The DWG committed to conduct Annual Progress Reports and a Comprehensive Accountability Report every three years. These reports would cover G20’s collective actions, and its working groups and workstreams.
The recommendations in this policy brief pursue two interconnected aims: (i) to support the G20 in its ambition to contribute to sustainable development in all its dimensions in a balanced and integrated manner, and (ii) to support the DWG to fulfill its mandate with a view to the Hangzhou Action Plan. Three main areas are important: mainstreaming, partnerships and building capacity / sharing experience. The recommendations include specific proposals for the upcoming summit as well as action that will require several years for being implemented with a view to promoting the transformative change that the 2030 Agenda calls for.

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