Populist radical right parties in Europe: what impact do they have on development policy?

Bergmann, Julian / Christine Hackenesch / Daniel Stockemer
Externe Publikationen (2021)

in: Journal of Common Market Studies 59 (1), 37-52

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1111/jcms.13143
Open access

Previous research suggests that the rise of populist radical right parties (PRRPs) is contributing to the politicization of European domestic and external policies. However, whether this is also the case for European development policy is unclear. Building on a new dataset that analyses government positions and coalition agreements across European countries since the 1990s, we investigate whether, and if so how, the strength of PRRPs affects European governments' framing of the relationship between migration and development policy. Research on PRRPs suggests that they influence other parties' positions directly when they are in government, or indirectly by framing topics such as migration differently from other parties, thereby pushing government and opposition parties to modify their own positions. We find (moderate) support for PRRPs' indirect influence on the framing and salience of the migration–development policy nexus, via their vote and seat share. The effect of PRRPs in government on the formulation of development aid policy goals is smaller.

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Hackenesch, Christine



Bergmann, Julian



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