Scaling-up renewable energy deployment in North Africa

Vidican, Georgeta
Externe Publikationen (2015)

in: Alessandro Rubino, Regulation and investments in energy markets: solutions for the Mediterranean, Amsterdam: Academic Pr., 73-87

ISBN: 978-0-12804-436-0

While initial steps have been taken to diversify the energy mix in North Africa, large scale deployment of renewable energy technologies and a transformation of the energy sector are lacking behind. This chapter argues that a systemic approach is essential for scaling up renewables, as piece-meal measures are not likely to capture the full range of expected outcomes. Systematic learning should be at the core of policy-making with the objective of enhancing long-term benefits, along with an effort to coordinate across development agendas and foster alliances between stakeholders with diverse interests in the energy sector and beyond. Ultimately, a new narrative that discredits the ‘old’ energy regime and sheds light on the co-benefits from pursuing an integrated approach to green growth and energy sector transformation is needed.

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