Social capital and entrepreneurial intention of syrian students at Mardin Artuklu university

Abedtalas, M.
Externe Publikationen (2019)

in: Artuklu Kaime International Journal of Economics and Administrative Research 2 (1), 63-72


As  refugees are the must vulnerable group to poverty and unemployment, entrepreneurship is one of the most important tools for dealing with them, and till now there is no studies about the refugees entreprenuership, we carried out this research about the Syrian refugees' intention for enterpreneurship. We used a mix of the theory of social capital and the theory of planed behavior as theoritical background . To estimate the relationships between the variables we used stractural equetions model SEM. As a result, we find that social capital plays important role in entrepreneural intention, but not directly. The significancy of the whole dimensions of social capital is not the same. Tha most important dimension was connections with family and friends. Also the most important determinant of enterpreneural intention was self efficay (behavior control). 

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